My most recent video is of JS Bach's Prelude and Fugue in C# Minor BWV 849, accompanied with a series of works from 2007 to 2016. JS Bach is, with Beethoven, the greatest composer who ever lived. I am inspired by his approach to composition, and especially his intention for his works to be intended for the greater glory of God.

 This video includes Time and Eternity, and Between Heaven and Earth, both from 2016.



Some  recent paintings are in the video Four Quartets. These are four paintings completed in 2016 and were inspired by Beethoven's late string quartets and the poetical work, Four Quartets, by TS Eliot. Those paintings are found in the following video:

In April/May 2016 I made a video of Debussy's Sunken Cathedral, with selected paintings accompanying the music. Debussy, in my opinion, is one of the very few great composers for the piano:


In early 2016, I painted a series of small works which I entitled collectively Pavane, which is the first youtube video link below. I played Ravel's Pavane to accompany these paintings, and added two more paintings now in private collections by notable Swiss collectors.



This video shows some paintings presently exhibited at the Neue Privat Bank,  Zurich. The Neue Privat Bank is one of Switzerland's most important private banks. I attended the opening on 19 November 2015, and about 150 people were present. Aside from those paintings now in private collections in Switzerland, the exhibition should run for at least the first half of 2016.


This video was made late in 2015 and in it I have included selected paintings between 2007 and 2015, accompanied by a loop of music from my album DayDreams. Aside from the paintings, the music Song of The Earth is all improvised and is very beautiful. You can check out the album on CD Baby or Amazon (among others).


In the video below, I play Chopin's posthumously published nocturne in E Minor, and accompany it with my painting Sunrise Over Water.


The video below is of a Chopin Prelude in F# Minor. I made it  at the beginning of 2015, for a physiotherapist to describe problems from a cycling injury I was having with my right hand. I've left it up because it seems to have attracted quite a few views. The problems have now resolved with lots of exercises, and I will record it again soon the way I prefer to  play it.


The video of Brahms Late masterpiece op 118 no 6 in Eb Minor was made in my former house where the piano was in a room too small to do it justice. You can sense the bigger space from subsequent recordings. Notwithstanding that limitation this is an excellent interpretation of a masterpiece that Brahms labelled "My Grief".